Doctor Who: Nemesis Board Game

Doctor Who: Nemesis Board Game

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It's not easy to rule space and time contending with rival Daleks and Cybermen, interfering Time Lords, and predatory Weeping Angels.


There are worlds to move, realities to destroy, time wars to win, a cyberium to find and the endless schemes of the Doctor and the Master to unravel.


In Doctor Who: Nemesis, you play one of the Doctor's many adversaries seeking to twist space and time to your own ends.


You must send your minions out to thwart both the Doctor's and your opponents' schemes, while bringing your own schemes to fruition.


Box Contains:


1 Rulebook

70 Tokens

204 Cards

4 Nemesis Token Stands

4 Nemesis Control Boards

5 Dice

Game time: 45-90 min.


2-4 players